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About Us company was based in 2001 and a few years later,  in  2005 it has been transformed into private limited liability  company. Notape is  specialized for selling and servicing dj and  studio equipment, professional  light and sound systems and selling.

Our basic mission is to fill up three basic definitions  represented by the words CREATE / LISTEN / PLAY with accent on  professional  consulting in this area.

CREATE  -  activities connected with the wide choice of studio equipment  dedicated for creating your own music. In this area we also offer  professional  consulting and services for beggining and skilled  musicians and producers. For  the complete satisfying of the requests of our customers we offer the  possibility to examine the equipment  in the showroom and we always try to find  the best solution for  the customer's needs.

PLAY  -  everything connected with selection of DJ equipment and sound systems. In area od DJ-ing we try to find the solutions for experienced DJs, but also for beginners, what is matched by wide choice of equipment and accessories, we will find the best solution from. Every piece of equipment is able to be touched and heard in our showroom. At last, but not at least we offer PA systems and complete solutions in the area of sound reinforcement and sound system projects